Elma Teachers' Organization

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Last updated on 02/16/2010 

Welcome to the Elma Teachers' Organization website. Use this site for information about important issues in the Elma School District. Both the ETO and EEA contracts are here as well as other links to K-12 education issues in Washington State. You will also find a link to the Elma School District website.


Here is a list of the ETO Officers, Reps., and Committee Members. Feel free to go to any of these people for help in your buildings.




President:         Barb Snyder Elementary

Vice President: Scott Rockey Middle School

Treasurer:          Sherry Leon Middle School

Secretary:         Libby Rakevich High School


Building Reps:


Elementary Elsie Chiles, Angie Salvaggi

Middle School Bill Zwarun

High School Paul Nadeau, Sean Ekerson, Libby Rakevich

EGHHS Jeff Sowers


Negotiations Committee:


Head Negotiator          Stacey Trimble Elementary

                                    Barb Snyder Elementary

                                    Bill Zwarun Middle School

                                    Paul Nadeau High School


Grievance Committee:


                                    Alan Snyder Elementary School

                                    Merc Boyer Middle School

                                    Cathy Overton Elementary School

                                    Brad McNeill High School