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Our last general ETO meeting was on May 29, 2008. Below is the agenda and notes of what was discussed:


ETO General Meeting

May 29, 2008


1.  Reports

·        Treasurer’s Reports –

                              Savings                                               $7339.45

                                     Checking                                            $2242.50

      7 month CD

      @ Timberline Bank @ 3.35%                $23,947.76



                                                            Yearbook ad    $85

                                                            Postage            $10     

                                                            Copying           $10

                                                            Post Office       $36

·        Grievance – none (yet)

·        Sick Leave – sick leave bank looking good

·        Negotiations Committee – none this year – we will be negotiating both the ETO and the Extra-curricular contracts next year. We have added a Professional Growth Option (June 1 – date teacher will need to know that they are on PGO in future – waiver for this year) –we have attached a copy of the PGO to this e-mail. Both the new current contract and the PGO will be on our website ( ) soon.


2.  Old/Unfinished Business

·        TRI Days/Storm Dates/Already Paid for Days – get time sheets in!

·        Update on Budget Analysis – wrong data sent by district, will get analysis midsummer – information will be helpful for negotiations

·        2008 – 2009 calendar – board voted May 29th


3.  New Business

·        Summer postings – let Debby Hendrickson know if you want to receive ALL postings.

·        Membership trend discussion- Treasurer Sherry Leon shared with members how our ETO budget is being affected by the loss of teachers because of retirements/RIFs, and some teachers not choosing to be members.

                        Population of teachers          113

                        Number of ETO members        97




“Opt out”














This was just an introduction of the place we are at (regarding enrollment and finances) so we can begin discussing possible solutions.  Different options discussed were: 1. doing a better job of explaining how WEA is instrumental in helping us with our contract negotiations on a local level (as well as lobbying for us on a state level) to our members. 2. The possibility of going to an agency shop group 3. Cutting out some of the things we pay for that are in our budget (sports passes, scholarship $, etc…)


Membership enrollment will be a continuing topic of discussion in coming meetings. 


4.  Election of Officers


5.  Dismissed at 4:05.